Featuring North Carolina’s largest selection of custom cabinet hardware, our design team will give you the personal attention you deserve while you shop in a relaxing and low-pressure environment.

By adding new hinges, handles, knobs or pulls can make your cabinets function more easily while allowing you to define your own personal style and personality.

  • Cabinet Hinges: Hinges will determine how your doors mount on your cabinets and how the doors open and close. Different cabinet doors require different types of hinges.
    1. Framed cabinets – Have a frame on the cabinet face and the hinges attach to the door and the frame.
      Frameless cabinets – No frame and the hinges attach to the door and side wall.
  • There are two basic types of hinges:
    1. European Hinges which are concealed and provide a sleek, clean appearance used with contemporary décor.
      Traditional Hinges are exposed and are used with traditional décor.
  • Handles and Knobs
    1. Drawer and cabinet handles and knobs come in a variety of styles and materials including glass, crystal, wood, metal, ceramic and plastic. They can be as creative and vibrant as you’d like or even hidden. The way in which you accessorize your kitchen with attractive finishing touches is as individual as you are. Most handles and knobs come in matching combinations for your doors and drawers.
      When you’re choosing handles and knobs, keep in mind that they shouldn’t just be attractive, but be practical as well.




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