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As popularity of digital currencies is growing interest in online games, created specifically for the game at the end of November. The owners of bitcoin wallets today can afford to spend time in specialized virtual casino or try your luck in one of online games, designed for games on bitcoins. Minesweeper: gambling version of the legendary game One of the most popular games is Minesweeper, better known as “Minesweeper”. Its gameplay is based on presented in 1989 the eponymous toy from Microsoft. The main difference between gambling version of Minesweeper from her famous prototype are: — improved design; — rate for each batch.

As before, the main task of the player is to find hidden mines be Able to pass through the entire field without losses win, if not – will have to make a new bet and start again. Options and the rules of the game Many online casinos and gambling platforms operating with cryptocurrencies, offer their users to try yourself as a virtual minesweeper in this game. In most cases, the player can choose from two modes: a game with real stakes or demo mode. Demo mode provides players the opportunity to learn the basic rules of the game and gain experience. To earn bitcoins, you will have to register at the casino and risk real money, not virtual points.

  • The choice of platform for the game With the choice of platform for the game is not so clear
  • There are several popular platforms for fans of the gambling version of “Minesweeper”
  • Gaming platform Cryptogames offers two options of play: free and real rates
  • The demo version is traditionally easier and more predictable, but it is ideal for exploring the key rules of the game
  • One of the advantages of “Minesweeper” from Cryptogames is that registration is not required

In addition, gamers will find a fairly bright animated design, a set of personal settings (dimensions of the playing field and the size of the bet) and traditional sound. Besides, the game is pretty quick to load and works. Bitcoin Minesweeper offers the most simple and as close to the original version of “Minesweeper”. Minimalistic black and white design of the playing field and a timer counting down the time hidden mines, in common with a computer game prototype. However unlike previous versions of Minesweeper, here the playing field there are extra hints.

Of course, only in

demo mode. The game Minesweeper will help you to have fun, to relax and to refresh your memory of one of the most famous computer puzzle game. In addition to playing Minesweeper, Cryptogames offers: — a game of dice (Dice); * Provably Fair embodies the principle provable fair games when each user can check the integrity of the lottery conducted by using the unique hash signature of the particular bet. This system applies only to gaming establishments, working with digital money, and is one of the main indicators of the integrity of the gambling platform. The Commission CryptoGames Real Commission is just 1%.

It is held exclusively with winning bids of the user and goes on further development of the CryptoGames. It really is a modest fee that is affordable for all budgets, motivates users to play it on this platform. For comparison, the popular American casino game Big Six, real Commission (House edge) which is 11% -24% depending on the bet amount. Found a mistake in the text? Highlight it and press CTRL+ENTER to subscribe to news Forklog Similar materials Free copying and distribution of materials from the site ForkLog is allowed only with the active link to ForkLog. Reference is also obligatory when copying materials in social networks or print publications.

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