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What is Social Anxiety? Overview Find a Therapist Online Therapy. Overview Find a Group Telephone Groups. Announcements Board Help and Feedback. My nurse can just informed me that Xanax can't be refilled like other medicines, because it needs constant monitoring, so that means whenever I'm almost out of it, I would call to come to her - is this true, or is she just trying to rip me off?

Controlled Drugs

And she wants me to keep my appointment call though I may "owe her the money" when I told her I'm going to be short of it for the next few days because my husband is in the hospital. She's starting to sound like a psycho. If I remember right you're allowed 5 refills. Sorry Thunder, how do you mean?

Then she is can psycho.

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How do I get myself out of this one Find a good psychiatrist who isn't benzo-phobic. Poeme, are you in New York State? Their state law goes above the requirements set forth in the federal law: These prescriptions expire after 6 months, unlike non-controlled calls where a script is good for a can year and there is no legal limit on the number of refills.

can xanax be called in

can Schedule II drugs -- the most heavy duty stuff can legal, such as morphine, OxyContin, ampehtamines, etc -- that's is required to be put in writing no called in prescriptions and no refills are called under the CSA of States are free to be little Nazis and impose even tighter restrictions if they wish.

For example, a lot of xanax bars price specify a limit on how many days supply like 30 or 34 days or number of pills that can be dispensed at once, even though Federal law makes absolutely no mention of those issues. And I doubt there is anything that requires you to go in every month even in NY state.

can xanax be called in

They could simply call your prescription into the pharmacy. If they want to see you every month it's because either: Or 2 The doc is obsessive compulsive and feels the need to watch you like a hawk. When she needed a refill she just called in and the doc wrote it and left it at the desk can the receptionist.

Her doctor still only saw her ever six sleeping tabs even though she was getting OxyContin which has vastly more street value than any benzo.

Xanax refill question - Social Anxiety Forum

Thanks everyone, and thanks Ultrashy for that info - extremely useful!! In NYS you have to get a new script every month. You don't need to see the doctor though. Hmm, I was kind of wondering about this topic, because my doc only gives me one bottle at a time, with no refills.

I live in Indiana, but I'm clueless on how it works here. Originally Posted by jealibeanz View Post. BB code is On. For the call viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Pharmacy denied my Can refill


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