We were looking at some magazines and found some great inspiration in monochromatic colors that are simple and elegant. Simple and elegant bathroom design inspirations can create a wonderful space for us in our own homes and can help us relax in a whole new way.


This photo came from Better Homes and Gardens and shows this spectacular bathroom with fun crystal chandelier. The hallway feels cavernous and luxurious all at the same time. It feels almost majestic and we really want to rush down the hallway into that tub. Don’t you?

When you create a bathroom space, make sure that it feels good to you. It’s your place of solace and should be a peaceful retreat from the hardship of your day.


This bathroom that we found in Elle Decor has a beautiful and romantic feel. The side-by-side vanity sinks allow you enough personal space to be yourself in an overall smaller bath space. It shows that you don’t need to have an enormous space to make a big impact.

One feature that we really like about this shower is that the glass goes all the way to the ceiling. It keeps the heat in and allows you to save some money (and stay warm).


Our last bathroom shows a bit of inspiration from Martha Stewart. The pink pop of color is a fun way to add some whimsy to the room. In this room, the gray and white is much more basic but still has a great impact.

With color, the usual rule is to use the darker color on the bottom and the lighter on the top but here, it’s created the look of a larger space because if you notice, everything below is white which adds to not only the size but lets your eye play a trick on you.

Color is a wonderful way to help a room look its best. We would be thrilled to chat with you about how color can make your space look its best and feel its best to you!