Remember the T.V. show ‘Full House’? One of the running jokes in the Tanner household were the fights over the use of the bathroom. (We may be dating ourselves here, but anyway…) Well, it’s pretty close to real life, which was why the show was so funny. After all, the bathroom is probably the smallest room in the house, unless you count closets, but everyone uses it daily for many things. It needs to make efficient use of space and be easy to keep clean as well as look nice. Is it any wonder so many people are doing bathroom remodeling projects or thinking about one? Here are a few tips to help you with this tricky undertaking.


ONE: Install a Stall. Bathrooms have multiple fixtures jam-packed into a small space. Not only that, but the surfaces are often watery. Bathtubs and toilets are two slip-prone areas where falls are common. To lessen injury risk and save space, consider replacing bathtubs with a shower stall.


TWO: Choose your sink with care. Distressed metals like copper and dark porcelain sinks are appealing in the showroom, but can make water stains and soap scum stand out like a bikini on a ski slope. You’ll need to spend more time cleaning and wiping so just know that going in.


THREE: If you have your heart set on colored or high-end fixtures, order ahead. Before you begin demolition you should have chosen if the remodel will feature white, off-white or colored fixtures. Colored ones will have to be ordered, as they are not commonly stocked. White is the easiest to clean and most readily available. You can also get replacements at short notice.


FOUR: Remodeling a room can take a long time. If you rely on your bathroom, make sure you plan properly – perhaps around a vacation or while you have access to another bathroom. You do have a friend who’ll let you use their bathroom while yours is not available, right?

bathroom remodel

FIVE: The bathroom additions most likely to add value to your homes resale price are skylights, couples walk-in showers, glass block windows and his and her sinks. Low-end homes will reap the highest return on their owner’s investment in a bathroom remodeling project. And make sure that when you remodel, you never over build your home to be the highest priced home in the neighborhood. It will be harder to get the money you want.